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Anti Gravity Water Drop Humidifier

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[Magic】: Levitating fountain utilizes principles of basic science to create an anti-gravity optical illusion that water drops appear to go upward. 

【Humidifier Air】: The ultrasonic water mist creates moist air for the room, it also has anti-dry protection for turning off automatically. 

【Home Decor】: This stunning water fountain creates a spectacular effect as a decorative item, It’s an integration of technology and craftsmanship.





1.【White Noise Humidifier】Note: turn on the humidifier and wait for 2 minutes (working with noise is normal in 2 minutes) before mist comes out since the air in the humidifier’s water pipe needs to be discharged completely. The delay time of droplets is about 30s-60s, then the cute humidifier will work quietly  What great humidifiers for the bedroom!

2.【Creative Design with Droplets Backflow】Want to have more fun and get rid of the suffering from dry air? Take our cool-mist humidifier to your home/bedroom. This bedroom humidifier utilizes principles of optics to make water drops seem to flow upwards slowly, meanwhile producing the ambient glow and soothing sounds of running water, it will bring the ultimate enjoyment to your eyes and ears!

3.【Cool Mist Humidifier & Easy-to-clean】This personal humidifier spreads an ultra-fine cool mist and instantly moisturizes the dry air to create a pleasant and breathable atmosphere that frees you of dry nose, dry throat, etc. Upgraded water tank design, please take it off and wash the water tank with running water or wipe it with a clean cloth frequently since there may remain water stains after daily use.

【Low Noise pump】: When the water pump is working, it will make a little noise, about 20-30 dB. We recommend placing it 10 feet away, it will be very quiet.

1. Push the upper shell in the arrow direction to open the water tank.
2. Pouring 500ml of water.
3. Install the upper shell in the direction of the arrow.
4. Use the type-C power cord and connect the power supply.
5. One-button startup.
6. Press the button for the second time to start sleeping mode.
7. Press the button for the third time to turn it off.

Some friendly tips:

It is recommended to clean the water tank once a week for a better experience.

To ensure optimum performance of your humidifier, make sure the lid is aligned with the indicator line on the base, and check the water level line in the tank. If you want to humidify for a long time, please refill the water every 4-5 hours. If the humidifier will not be used for a long time, please empty the water tank, turn off the power when not in use, and wipe with a soft dry cloth to keep it clean.

If the new humidifier does not fog up, put a few drops of water on the nozzle and wait for the machine to clean itself. After a minute, the fogging is normal. Repeat this process until the best condition.

Water added to this product should only be tap water, purified water, or a mixture of essential oils (do not use pure essential oils).


Delivery time 8-15 Days


Product Information:

Product Name: Weibel Anti-Gravity Water Drop Humidifier
Product material: ABS+Silicone
Product size: 120x120x229mm
Product weight: 600g
Operating temperature: 0- 40°C
Water tank capacity: 500ml

Product fog volume: 100 - 150mI/h
Working time: 4h
Rated voltage: 5V
Rated power: ≤10W

Packing List:

Packing box x1, humidifier x1,
Manual x1, Type-C power cord x1

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