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Automatic Self-Levelling Rotary Laser level Green Beam

$149.99 $299.99
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4 Options To Choose From 

A: Green light 12 lines standard,


B: Green light 12 lines + Wall mount,


C: Green light 12 lines + Bracket,


D: Green light 12 lines + Wall mount + Bracket



  •  The laser levelling device can provide 12 lines of green laser light for convenient use. The raised green lines are lighter, lighter, thinner and more stable than normal red lines.
  • [Projection of 360 ° horizontal and vertical laser lines] – The cross line laser projects a horizontal and vertical laser line with 360 ° combined or independently green laser lines on the wall, so that you work in different parts at the same time. a large space. All this allows you to perform 360-degree level transfer, welding transmission and work in space, both indoors and outdoors.
  • [High accuracy and green light beam] - An accurate measurement with +/- 2.2 mm/10 m accuracy for laser line levelling. The light emitted in green light is higher because the modified wavelength relative to the red light. When working with many ambient light, green laser lines provide twice visibility of comparable devices with red laser lines. Ideal for working in very bright environments.
  • [Handy and easy to use] – Compact and lightweight for easy grip, but large enough to sit stably; equipped with a zipper, can prevent dust for storage and protects the level and base in L against shocks/scratches.
  • [LARGE APPLICATION] - The level laser line can be used wherever precise vertical and horizontal are required, usually in the construction and cabinetry industry. It is also suitable for masonry, installation of workplaces, painting, assembly of stairs, decoration of wood, installation of suspensions of ornaments, etc.


Product information
Name: Laser Level
Main material: plastic + metal
Battery: 1 * 3.7V, 4800mAh rechargeable battery (included, if you disassemble, you will find two 18650 batteries inside)
Laser: 3D, 12 lines
Range: 30m
Laser line accuracy: ±0.2mm/m
Color laser: green light
Automatic leveling range: ±3°
Leveling time: <4S
Laser class: 2
Working temperature: -10℃ to 40℃
Storage temperature: -20℃ to 70℃
Humidity: 90%
Continuous use time: 3-9 hours

Format item:
Installation size: 137 * 110 * 217mm / 5.39 * 4.33 * 8.54 inches
Wall-mounted size: 160 * 86 * 65mm / 6.30 * 3.39 * 2.56 inches

CHOOSE YOUR SET- 4 Different Options:

A: Green light 12 lines standard,

B: Green light 12 lines + wall mount,

C: Green light 12 lines + bracket,

D: Green light 12 lines + wall mount + bracket





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