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Starry sky projector lamp

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1. The full-color music starry sky projector lamp brings the indoor galaxy and the stunning aurora starry sky performance.

2. The latest stellar projector can instantly project drifting stars into the blue nebula, with 10 colors of 360° rotating dynamic projection.

3. Light up the party, restore your work space or romantic dinner for two in a unique way. It can also be used as a unique night light. A great gift for adults and children.

4. This product is a combination of four-color watermark light and green laser. The watermark has four colors: red, white, blue, and green. The laser color is green. The remote control can control the watermark color, watermark speed and watermark mode. , Bluetooth mode, watermark single control, laser single control, brightness, music control, sound control, selection mode, timing function, switch, any mobile phone or other device can be connected when Bluetooth is turned on, without checking.

Estimated delivery time:  3-7  DAYS   In USA

Product information:

Name: USB Starlight
Product power: RGBW2* 4W (total 8W)
Input voltage: AC110-200V
Output voltage: 5V/2000MA
Box size: 16.5*16.5*13cm
Music mode: U disk, card reader, Bluetooth
Power supply mode: USB line power supply (mobile power, computer, mobile phone adapter)
Motor and laser head input voltage: 1.5V

Package Contents:
1*Starry Sky Projector
Black2: USB+5W+Bluetooth+Music+Projection

black/White style: remote control, regular style
Black APP/White APP style: remote control, mobile phone connected to APP
Black 21colors: remote control, 21Lighting Modes BluetoothMusic

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CJXFJTTY00051-Black 2pcs=CJXFJTTY00051-Black*2
CJXFJTTY00051-Black 3pcs=CJXFJTTY00051-Black*3



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